American Made
3 Axis CNC Routers

Our 3 axis machines are used to produce composites, plastic sheets, non-ferrous metals, three-dimensional patterns, upholstered frames, fiberboard (MDF), stack machining, custom cabinets, furniture and much more.

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Proudly Made in the USA

Thermwood CNC Routers are proudly Made in AmericaThermwood CNC Routers are proudly Made in AmericaThermwood has been building CNC Routers for over 50 years, and is the recognized technology leader in our industry.  We have a strong ongoing commitment to our customers and are a one-stop shop for any training, service and support for our machines. 

Here we look at our 3 Axis line of CNC routers for every application and budget.

What Do You Get With A Thermwood CNC?

When you join the Thermwood Family, we don't just consider you a customer, but as a partner, friend and family member.  We believe in helping each other through a genuine relationship of mutual trust so that we are both successful.

Our CNC Experts work with you during every step of the process to insure that you receive the optimum machine configuration for your specific application, and that you gain the knowledge and assistance you need to get into production as quickly as possible. 

What do you get with a Thermwood CNC?

You Are Never On Your Own

You are never on your own with a Thermwood machine.  Knowing that you have made the smart choice in partnering with a company that you can trust to stand behind you and do everything we can to make your business successful. 

You are never on your own with a Thermwood CNC.  We support you!

Our Machines Just Work!

From Day One, Thermwood machines just work!  Day after day and year after year, our CNC machines will get the job done.  Made in the USA by hard-working Americans building custom machines just for you and not for stock.  And, because we build both the machines and controller, we support everything that comes from company and one phone number to contact.

Thermwood machines just work!

Customize Your Solution

Thermwood's Total Solution means that we can customize your machine operation to suit your specific needs.  Our experienced program techs can create new programs or modify your existing programs, work with you on fixturing and tooling, and much more.  

Our ultimate goal is to provide the best solution possible with the lowest learning curve for you. We'll stay by your side during each step of the way. We also provide phone, email and forum support, always free of charge.

Customize your Thermwood CNC Solution

Superior Support When You Need It

Our Total Solution also means that support doesn't stop with the sale.  We are by your side during your five-day training course at Thermwood's state-of-the-art factory as well as during installation at your facility.  And, if you ever need service or support, we have Virtual Service, free phone and email support, extensive parts inventory and the best support in the business!

Thermwood offers superior support when you need it

The Bottom Line

Our systems install fast, start up quick, are easier to use and maintain, produce more and last longer, and just plain work!

The Thermwood Total Solution means that we work with you before you buy, after you buy and into the future to make sure you get the best performance and financial benefit from your Thermwood machine.

Thermwood headquarters in Dale, IN

Request a Consultation with our CNC Experts

Our CNC Experts can evaluate your production needs to determine how you can reduce costs and increase efficiency. Thermwood also offers free live demonstrations of our equipment and software to qualified companies using your product details.

What can you expect during your consultation with us?

  • An analysis of your existing process
  • Identify inefficiencies and/or areas for improvement
  • Present recommendations to increase productivity
  • An invitation to attend a live demonstration of our solution

Your CNC Expert will give you valuable insight (not available anywhere else) into your production process.  This consultation is a no-risk, no-obligation opportunity and completely free.

Request A Consultation with our CNC Experts


Request a consultation with our CNC Experts