Take a Tour of the Thermwood Model 42

Learn about the different aspects of the 3 Axis Model 42 and watch as it machines small tables in a machine-paced operation.

The Model 42 is a moving table, fixed gantry, CNC router primarily designed to machine low profile materials such as hardwoods, softwoods, fiberboard (MDF), particleboard, plastics and aluminum.

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Model 42 Features/Options

Available Table Sizes:  Single Table: 10'x5', Dual Tables: 5'x5', 5'x8', 5'x10', 5'x12'

  • 12 HP HSD Spindle (3,000-24,000 RPM).
  •  Fixed Gantry with Moving (front to back) Solid Aluminum Tables
  • 4 Position Bar Style Automatic Tool Changer (Standard)
  •  At the head Automatic Tool Changer (Optional)
  •  2nd Head Spindle (Optional)
  •  7 Position Bar Style Automatic tool Changer (Optional)
  •  Pop Up Pins (Optional)
  •  Automatic Lubrication (Optional)
  •  Automatic Tool Length Measurement (Optional)
  •  Three-Dimensional Laser Compensated Axis Alignment
  •  Control Nesting
  •  Siemens Intelligent Servo Drives Throughout
  •  QCore SuperControl
  •  Machine Training and Installation

MultiPurpose Model 42 Dual Table 5'x10' Dual Spindles