Smart-routers machine back side operations on the full sheet

Posted by Duane Marrett on Mon, Sep 09, 2013

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Smart routers process back side operations firstSmart-routers
address backside machining in a different way than ordinary routers. A smart-router groups all parts that need backside operations on the first few sheets of a job and does the back operations on the full sheet.



How this works:

The machine instructs you to load the sheet with the backside up and then does all the backside machining on all parts. Notches are machined on the sheet edges so when it is flipped over, it can be precisely positioned against locator pads. When the parts are cut and removed, they are complete, front and back.

Smart-router Advantage:

This saves a lot of labor compared to doing back operations one part at a time. You save sorting, identifying, selecting the backside program, loading and unloading parts and you save a lot of scrap when parts are identified, positioned or oriented wrong, which can happen all too often.


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