eCabinet Systems Version 6.2.7 is now available

Posted by Duane Marrett on Thu, Nov 19, 2020

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eCabinet Systems Version 6.2.7 is now available

To install this latest version, please visit:

11/19/2020 - Fixes/Additions in version 6.2.7
  • Time extension (ADDED)
  • Constraints are being removed from drawer box (FIXED)
  • Full Dado for left side to deck construction does not allow constraints to be modified (FIXED)
  • Missing cabinets after adjusting material thickness (FIXED)
  • Corner cabinet door resizing wrong (FIXED)
  • When focus is on Item Window, the explode slider still moves (FIXED)
  • When editing name of a cabinet, the name does not automatically highlight when the dialog opens (FIXED)
  • When a slab door/drawer with banding is added from the Item Window, the nest label is missing banding info (FIXED)
  • When KD/RTA pattern is used for a partition to the top stretcher, the holes do not create correctly (FIXED)
  • Using Global Item Modification to change to a single sided material does not allow you to immediately change what is A side (FIXED)
  • Making a change to one cabinet applies the change to another cabinet in the layout (FIXED)
  • Formula for missing part is not staying after it is set (FIXED)
  • Depth constraint causes error message (FIXED)
  • Apply toe kick notch to none does not accept none after uncheck has toe (FIXED)
  • When a cabinet with specific settings, the top disappears and tenon is created in space (FIXED)
  • Cannot remove deck float value when bottom rail doesn't exist (FIXED)
  • Using upper corner cabinet, pocket screw inset values are reversed front and back (FIXED)
  • When cursor is in width, height, or depth, cabinet explode does not work correctly (FIXED)

eCabinet Systems 6.2 Now Available Featuring Auto Dimensions in Wall Elevation View and Much More

Posted by Duane Marrett on Thu, Feb 15, 2018

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Latest eCabinet Systems Build 6.2 Summary

eCabinet Systems Build 6.2 Now Available

We are constantly adding new features and abilities to our powerful eCabinet Systems Software.

A few of the highlights of the latest build (6.2) is an auto dimensioning feature for the wall elevation view, scaled prints in the wall elevation view, auto dimensions for vertical walls/rooms and much more.  See below for detailed info on all of the new additions and fixes in this release. 

Please Click Here to download the latest build (6.2):

 Additions in Build 6.2:

Auto Dimension in Wall Elevation View

The auto dimensioning feature for the Wall Elevation View shows you a quick view of dimensions between cabinets and the overall wall dimensions. Settings in the right click menu allow you to filter which dimensions are displayed.

Auto Dimension in Wall Elevation View

Scaled Prints in Wall Elevation View

Scaled printing iis an option from the right click menu. It  allows you a quick way to create a measurable print that can then be given to an architect.

Scaled Prints in Wall Elevation View

Auto Dimensions for Vertical Walls and Rooms

Allows for the quick dimensioning of items on a wall. The Drafting Parameters from the right click menu allows you to filter out unnecessary dimensions.

Auto Dimensions for Vertical Walls and Rooms

Cross Section Walls

Allows you to create a cross-sectioned view inside a cabinet. This new cross-section view is automatically created on a new page after selecting somewhere on a cabinet (the red line then appears and creates the cross-section).

Cross Section Walls - Front View
Cross Section Walls - Front View
Cross Section Walls - Side View
 Cross Section Walls - Side View

Export to DXF

Lets you create a DXF from an overhead view of a layout, front view of a wall, or a cabinet. The DXF can then be loaded into a CAD program for additional information to be added.

Front view before exporting to DXF 
Front view before exporting to DXF

After DXF export - loaded into CAD
After DXF export - loaded into CAD

Disable Enhanced Pocketing

Enhanced pocketing was a feature added in an earlier version of eCabinet Systems and Control Nesting. Those with older machines cannot use this feature, so the ability to disable enhanced pocketing is a way to keep from having errors at the machine in that case.

Disable Enhanced Pocketing

Cabinet List Report

Creates a report that lists the cabinets in a batch job or room layout. This report can be exported to Excel.

Cabinet List Report

Scaled Prints for Vertical Walls in Line Drawing Editor

Works the same as wall elevation scaled print with the addition of custom user dimensions and notes.

Scaled Prints for vertical walls in Line Drawing Editor

Ability to Change Edge Banding Thickness

Allows you to change the thickness of the edge banding when creating CNC jobs rather than having to replace the material in the job.

Ability to change Edge Banding Thickness
 Display in Millimeters as well as Meters

Previously, a displayed dimension over 1000mm displayed in meters with decimal places. Now we have added the ability to display it in just millimeters.  

Dimensions displayed as Meters
Dimensions displayed as Meters
Dimensions displayed as Millimeters
Dimensions displayed as Millimeters

 Fixes in Build 6.2:

  • Angle Part not working on part with full dado (FIXED)
  • Bodies lost when returning to batch and creating new assembly (FIXED)
  • Double Door grain not correct when adding to corner cabinet (FIXED)
  • Left Applied End Door positioned wrong with detached toe (FIXED)
  • In Metric, changing a Construction Parameters changes the Construction Parameter to zero in Global Item Modifications (FIXED)
  • Pull hardware pattern does not apply on the drawer (FIXED)
  • Variable will update for the currently displayed part, but doesn't for the another part using same variable (FIXED)
  • When editing depth with Constraint Manager, selection does not display correctly (FIXED)
  • When in metric, Banding Stock amount is displayed in Linear Feet (FIXED)
  • Specific scenario causes new cabinet to not have outline bodies (FIXED)
  • Angled front corner cab with a PE cut in top front stretcher gives error message when changing material thickness (FIXED)
  • When a top or deck is removed from a cabinet, the locked opening function no longer works (FIXED)
  • When Assembly Group Parts is used rather than Cabinet Group Parts in batch, hole pattern is cut as backside operation (FIXED)
  • When making a specific change in Advanced settings of Stretcher Editor, stretcher behaves incorrectly (FIXED)
  • When adding a rule for Thickness (% of Material), displays as inch or mm amount rather than percentage (FIXED)
  • Creating a note, or typing after a leader line does not function (FIXED)
  • Missing dovetail geometry in CNC (FIXED)
  • Duplicate Left/Right not working correctly in Elevation View (FIXED)
  • Error when doing Part Editor profiling(FIXED)
  • MDF Door Markers in Space (FIXED)
  • Error when hitting cancel on Profile Tool Section Dialog (FIXED)
  • Error when Printing Nesting Labels (FIXED)
  • Missing Mortise and Tenon for Top Left Rail (FIXED)
  • Error when creating MDF Arch Door (FIXED)

Thermwood total solutions for nested based custom cabinet production

Posted by Duane Marrett on Thu, Jan 23, 2014

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eCabinet Systems and Thermwood Smart-Routers

eCabinet Systems ExamplesIf you want the ability to create any type of custom cabinets you can conceive, as well as closets and custom furniture, we have a solution for you.  eCabinet Systems paired with Thermwood's CNC routers (featuring smart-router technology) allow you to program and run anything you can imagine and design, while offering total flexibility and absolute control of the entire process.

Although our CNC systems work with just about any cabinet design software, eCabinet Systems software is so well integrated with the machine control that production is smoother, problems are fewer and profit is much higher. Systems are available for custom or high volume custom nested based cabinet production.


Thermwood smart-router technology is...


Model 43 and eCabinet Systems

 Thermwood Model 43 for Custom Cabinet Production

A great custom cabinet package is the CabinetShop 43 paired with eCabinet Systems.  This high-performance CNC router, comes standard with Thermwood’s smart-router technology as well as a fully stress-relieved rigid steel structure.  Table sizes range from 4’x’8 up to 5’x20’ and it comes with an 11 position automatic tool changer as standard.  This solution allows you to quickly and profitably produce any type of custom cabinets you can imagine and design, as well as a lot more.


AutoProcessor series for nested based feed through machining

 Thermwood AutoProcessor 7'x12' CNC Router for High Volume Nested Based Production

For high-speed/high-volume nested-based CNC routing, the AutoProcessor series is another excellent option.  This heavy-duty system comes standard with auto-labeling and auto-load/offload to increase throughput and cut down on labor.  Table sizes range from 5’x10’ to 7’x12’ and it comes with a standard 10 position rotary automatic tool changer.  With a rapid speed of 4100 IPM and a 6000 lb automatic lift table for loading material, the AutoProcessor series is a very fast and extremely tough solution for nested based feed through machining.


 Click to Calculate your CNC Router Investment

Thermwood Profile Modeler - from Sketch to Production

Posted by Duane Marrett on Wed, Mar 13, 2013

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Thermwood Profile ModelerThermwood's Profile Modeler allows you to quickly create a molding or custom shape from a sketch or drawing on a Thermwood CNC Router with no special shaped tooling required.  

This video demonstrates using Profile Modeler to create a custom curved cherry molding from Sketch - to Profile Modeler - to Machine - to Completed Shape.

Steps used in the video:

In eCabinet Systems:
  • Verify the measurements
  • Create the shape using Shape Manager in eCabinet Systems
  • Create Tool
  • Apply Tool to create Shape

On Thermwood QCore SuperControl:
  • File loaded into Profile Modeler on QCore SuperControl
  • Verify Tool Path
  • Run Program
  • Machining Part (Roughing/Finishing/Detail Passes)
  • No special shaped tooling required - Tools Used: 1/2 Straight, 1/2 Ballnose, 1/8 Ballnose, 1/8 Flat
  • Completed Shape

For more information on Profile Modeler or any of our other products, please click here or contact us at 1-800-533-6901.

Thermwood Announces New Model - MTR 30DT

Posted by Jason Susnjara on Fri, Mar 16, 2012

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describe the image

Thermwood Corporation, a leading US manufacturer of CNC routers, announces the MTR 30DT dual table CNC router for machine paced panel processing.

The MTR30 DT is designed for machining jobs that require multiple tools and dual tables for nonstop machine production.  The machine is configured with two stationary 61 inch by 121 inch high flow vacuum tables with dual programmable part locators.  It is equipped with a 12 HP spindle with an automatic tool changing system that includes both fixed and at the head tooling; for a total of 20 tool positions for routing.  It also includes a drill bank with both horizontal and vertical drills, available up to 25 spindles.

MTR30 QC resized 600


Included within the QCore control is Thermwood’s featured Control Nesting software along with a dxf convertor for accepting dxf files for automatic nesting.  The control also includes a huge 1 terabyte hard disk for program storage and is enclosed in a dust protected air conditioned cabinet.

Visit or call 800-533-6901 or email for more information on this product.

Thermwood is a US company with dealers and distributors worldwide.  In addition to machine manufacturing and software development, Thermwood has a technical service organization that provides support, machine installation, training, retrofits, custom programming and production assistance.

Thermwood CNC Routers are compatible with major CAD software programs

Posted by Duane Marrett on Thu, Mar 08, 2012

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Did you know that Thermwood CNC Routers are compatible with most major design and CAD/CAM software programs?  This means that you don't have to worry about changing software when you use a Thermwood CNC Router.

You can output machine code from software like KCD, Microvellum, 20-20, Planit, MasterCam and many others to a Thermwood CNC Router.

CAD/CAM programs like Mastercam are used for a variety of applications because the CAD portion allows you to design virtually anything in two and three dimensions.  The CAM portion converts the design to useable machine code for a CNC machine.

CAD products such as Autocad with no CAM can be sent to a Thermwood CNC Router by changing the layer names and sending the .dxf file to the Thermwood controller.

Design programs like KCD, Cabinetvision and others are mainly used in Nested Based applications for the cabinet, closet, RV, Marine and other industries that utilize sheet products.

Please click here for more detailed information on these connections.

Please click here to Request a Consultation with one of our CNC Experts.  They can evaluate your production needs to determine how you can reduce costs and increase efficiency. 


Thermwood CNC Routers are compatible with most major CAD software programs.

eCabinet Systems Version 6.0 Build 7 Available

Posted by Jason Susnjara on Tue, Nov 29, 2011

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ecab6 logo resized 600

Dear eCabinet Systems Members,

eCabinet Systems version 6.0 Build 7 is now available. This latest version of eCabinet Systems is available as a download only. No disc is required. It is a full install. It will either update your existing version of eCabinet Systems or complete a full install.

eCabinet Systems Version 6.0 Build 7 is ONLY a time extension release:

eCabinet Systems Update Page:

To obtain eCabinet Systems V6.0 Build 7, install click on the link above. Save this file to your computer then double click it to run.

If you need a new reg code, please email or go to to generate a new code.


Your friends at eCabinet Systems

eCabinet Systems Technical Support Policy

Posted by Duane Marrett on Tue, Nov 08, 2011

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Where to go for help:

eCabinet Systems Forum

The best place for eCabinet Systems software users to turn for technical help is the Member Forum on the eCabinet Systems web site. Most common questions have been addressed and many users stand ready to offer help and suggestions. This is a huge resource full of tips, techniques and suggestions. If your question cannot be resolved by searching, then post the question on the forum. The forum is monitored by many eCabinet Systems users, as well as Thermwood staff and you can often be notified of a resolution within minutes, regardless of your geographical location and time zone. As an extra benefit, questions answered on the forum are available for others in the future, making it even more valuable.

Online Video Training:

eCabinet Systems Online TrainingAlthough the software includes a user’s manual, to really learn to use the software in a timely manner, Thermwood offers an online video training program for eCabinet Systems. This is a low-cost monthly subscription which can be started and stopped at any time. It offers extensive training in all aspects of eCabinet Systems software. It is available when you want and you learn at your own pace. Anyone that plans to operate a business using eCabinet Systems software should subscribe to this video training. It will save you huge amounts of time, will make you more efficient and help you to get full benefit from all aspects of the program.

Five-day On-site Class:

Thermwood also offers a formal eCabinet Systems training class for those who want to unleash the full potential of this powerful program as quickly as possible. This is a week-long class, conducted at Thermwood and includes a one year subscription to the video training program above.

Phone Support:

For questions that just can’t be answered any other way, Thermwood offers phone support to anyone currently subscribed to the video program or anyone that is operating a Thermwood CNC router using eCabinet Systems. It is not practical to extend phone support to anyone not a current subscriber to the video program because most answers to operating questions refer you to sections of the online video.

We can offer phone assistance if you are having problems with initial installation but before you call make sure your problem hasn’t been addressed on the forum and that you don’t have a firewall or other program blocking access to the registration code. These firewall programs are the most common problem encountered during installation.

Thermwood offers educational discounts for CNC Router purchases

Posted by Duane Marrett on Tue, Jun 07, 2011

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Thermwood CNC Routers Educational Discount

Thermwood CNC Routers are used in high schools, community colleges, universities and technical training centers all around the world to help teach the technology and practical application of CNC Router programming and operation.

Thermwood QCore SuperControlNot only do students learn the basic technology but they also experience full scale, full production machining operations (assuring that they are well prepared for real-world applications).

Each machine is equipped with the powerful QCore SuperControl which gives students the most advanced automated production features available, insuring state-of-the-art training.

Thermwood also offers free copies of its eCabinet Systems software for classroom use as well as an individual copy for each student enrolled on an ongoing basis.


The Advanced Support Program assures that new features and technology are automatically added to Thermwood educational machines as they are released, pledging that students are always working with the most up-to-date technology available.

Thermwood QCore SuperControlThermwood machines and technology are ideal for training in today’s rapidly changing technical horizon.  Please visit our educational applications area for more information and examples of Thermwood CNC Routers used in education.

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Thermwood and Supply Partners Donate to Habitat For Humanity

Posted by Duane Marrett on Thu, Sep 09, 2010

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At the recent IWF show in Atlanta, Thermwood partnered with Hafele, Columbia Forest Products and Conestoga to build complete cabinets for Habitat for Humanity.   

Thermwood demonstrated a working production cell consisting of the CabinetShop 43 CNC Router (for nested based applications) and a Fravol S2 ECO edgebander.  Attendees were able to get hands on experience using the easiest and simplest system in the industry.  Within a few seconds they selected a product to cut, modified the size and watched the machine cut their parts.  Attendees then took the parts to the edgebander to complete the process.

Complete cabinets were produced at the show from the ¾” thick, pre-finished maple plywood provided by Columbia Forest Products.  This Pure Bond plywood is sealed with AquaSEAL (a formaldehyde-free recyclable overlay conforming to the latest in green technology).




pure bond logo




Hafele provided the hinges, slides and shelf hardware for the cabinets, and Conestoga Doors providedfinished five-piece doors and solid wood drawer fronts. 






Cabinet joinery was Thermwood’s new revolutionary Barb Dado joint (patent pending), which allowed the cabinets to be put together without the use of clamps or other holding methods.  The Barb Dado joint is a modified versionof the Blind Dado joint in which we machine a series of barbs in the mortise slot. When you press the parts together, the barbs bend down, bending the fibers in the wood downward firmly holding the pieces together. It is a lot harder to pull it apart than to put it together. This means you can assemble cabinets without screws, clamps or any other fasteners.

Thermwood Barb Dado

The result were beautiful, complete cabinets produced quickly, utilizing an innovative new, highly efficient manufacturing approach which results in a superior structure coupled with enhanced use of materials, all at a dramatically lower price. All cabinets produced at the IWF were donated to Habitat for Humanity.