Update adds Significant New Features to Thermwood’s Cut Center

Posted by Duane Marrett on Tue, Jan 06, 2015

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Thermwood released the first update for its Cut Ready - Cut Centers today, adding new product libraries, plus additions to existing libraries as well as some all new cutting routines. In addition, you can now have your products (which may not be part of the standard product offering) custom added to your Cut Center!  This is a serious update incorporating some major technical advances 

The Cut Center, introduced at IWF in Atlanta, allows shops to manufacture a large variety of cabinets, and related products with no computers, software or CNC programming. It’s easy and can be run by existing folks without specialized training. This update increases the number and variety of products Cut Centers can make, plus adds new capabilities not previously found on this type of machine 

EZ Office

Cut Center EZ OfficeIt adds a line of office furniture, called “EZ Office” suitable for a small business or home office. The entire line is made from a single material, either 3/4 inch or 19mm thick sheet stock. Pieces are assembled using lock joints, which combine mortise and tenon slots with cam-lock fasteners. This is a superior joint resulting in high quality solid construction. Each design includes step by step assembly instructions, suitable for a consumer, so these items could be made from pre-finished material and sold unassembled 

Hidden Bed

The second product addition is a Hidden-Bed, which is a large desk that turns into a twin bed. The unique feature of this design is that the desk top remains parallel to the ground as the bed is pulled down so it is not necessary to clear it off to use the bed

The hidden-bed integrates smoothly in both size and design with tall closet cabinets already in the Cut Centers 

New "Cuts" Capabilities

We have also added three fundamentally new “Cuts” capabilities. These cutting features introduce an all new way to work with an automated machine… something that has not been done before (this video shows this… it’s worth watching) 


Full Thickness Backs Added for Frameless Cabinets

The frameless base cabinet designs in Thermwood’s Cut Center currently have a quarter inch slide-in back, either with or without nailers. Although this works for most in the US, we’ve received requests from Canadian shops for a full thickness, slide-in back option for frameless base cabinets. Reacting to those requests, full thickness backs have been added to frameless base cabinets in the latest Cut Center update 

Add Your Products to the Cut Center with "Special Products"

And finally, we have developed a program for those who want to make things not already in the Cut Center. How do you get “No Programming” and the simple, intuitive operation of a Cut Center for your special products? With our new “Special Products” program the answer is simple, we add them for you 

Definitions for your unique products are custom developed and installed in your Cut Center. These are not just CNC programs. Definitions teach your machine to make your products in all their variations, all their sizes, from all the materials you use. If your product requires special fixtures or tooling, we will develop and supply them also. This is a complete, ready-to-run solution 

Run your products by simply selecting what you want, right at the machine. You can use material of varying thickness and/or adjust product size and features, again, right at the machine. The machine adjusts for all of this with no separate computer, no software and no programming. This is by far the simplest, easiest way to make things. This program is not restricted to cabinets and furniture. It will work for any product that can be manufacturered on a router 

You can add additional products at any time and can have existing product definitions modified. We stand ready to manage your product offering so you don’t have to 

With the “Special Products” addition, you still have all the features and product capabilities of the standard Cut Center, with your unique products as an added benefit 

Continuous Free Updates

This new Cut Center update, which adds valuable new features and exciting new products, is available to all Cut Center users as a free download, right through their machine. Thermwood expects to continually update both product offering and system capabilities and, as they are developed, these advances will be offered free to existing Cut Center users 

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Thermwood Revises EZ Office YouBuild Library

Posted by Duane Marrett on Thu, Oct 11, 2012

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Thermwood has completely redesigned and expanded the EZ Office library, which is part of the design offerings under its YouBuild program. Discussions with major national office product retailers have uncovered the need for a variety of resizable office furniture but the original EZ Office was only available in limited fixed sizes.

YouBuild EZ Office Library has been Revised

To address this, Thermwood programmers have (while retaining original styling) redesigned EZ Office products so they can be freely resized by the customer. All new designs have been machined, built and fully vetted and are ready.

Desks come in several styles which are each adjustable to any width within a range:

Library Style desks offer a working desktop with either two or three narrow drawers under the top or also available without drawers. 

Office Style desks can be made in widths from 30” to 66”. One style, available in widths from 30” to 48”, has a four drawer stack on either the left or right side. The second version available from 48” to 66” wide offers dual drawer stacks.

Mini Student style desks feature a pull-out shelf available from 24” to 36” (for use where space is at a premium).

Desks have finished appearance on both front and back and can be positioned against a wall or away from the wall with the users back to the wall. The simple, clean designs blend with virtually any decor.

Credenzas come in several complimentary styles with adjustable width to match the desks, offering the ability to mix and match components to address a wide variety of needs. Upper cabinet modules can be mounted to desks or credenzas of the same width.

Finally, a collection of base and tall wall cabinets and single or double shelves round out the collection.

YouBuild EZ Office Library has been Revised

This collection is called "EZ" because of its simple yet elegant design and the fact that all pieces are assembled with a screwdriver using “Lock Joints”. “Slot Slide” drawers assure perfect alignment yet do not require separate drawer slides. Drawer bottoms extend past the drawer sides and slide in dado slots machined into partitions.

Three different styles of drawer and door pulls are offered and some items, which can function without pulls, are available without pulls. These units are relatively easy to assemble with a caution that larger pieces may need two people to handle.

The full EZ Office library offering can be seen here.

About YouBuild:

YouBuild is a new and exciting opportunity for woodworkers with the proper equipment to address the huge furniture market in a unique and practical manner. Aided by local Retail Dealers and Design Centers, orders are placed online, parts are cut by local shops and then assembled by the customer. Extensive integrated technology make this easy, practical and profitable and an extensive and growing library of customizable designs address almost every area of home and office furnishings. For more information about YouBuild, click HERE