Rind Routing uses their Thermwood CNC Routers to assist in the COVID-19 crisis

Posted by Duane Marrett on Thu, Jun 04, 2020

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Rind Routing uses their Thermwood CNC Routers to assist in the COVID-19 crisis

Thermwood machine owner Rind Routing, (www.rindrouting.co.za) located in South Africa, was initially devastated to be forced to close down their business due to COVID-19.  According to owner, Rayno von Schlicht, “Although the initial feeling was that this wouldn’t last very long, as a business owner, I was terribly concerned of the knock-on effect that a three week down-time would have on my business”

After the first week of the shut-down passed, Mr. von Schlicht noticed the 3D-printing “maker-community” designing face shield brackets and distributing them to first responders.  He was intrigued by the idea and thought that Rind Routing could do something similar on a larger scale.

They located a dental distributor who loved their design, and after some small tweaks, developed a PPE product to manufacture on their three Thermwood CNC routers (Model 40, Model 43 and MTR 21) that was not just effective and comfortable for the end-user, but also allowed Rind Routing to return to work as an essential service!

PPE face shield created by Rind Routing on their Thermwood CNC routers

PPE face shield created by Rind Routing on their Thermwood CNC routers

According to von Schlicht “Since first starting this new venture, we have been able to churn out 5,000 face shields on our Thermwood Routers within three weeks and still have orders pouring in for more!  This is proof to me that with a little vision & creativity, the willingness to try something new, and of course the correct tools to do so, you can achieve great things!”

PPE face shield created by Rind Routing on their Thermwood CNC routers

PPE face shield created by Rind Routing on their Thermwood CNC routers

Thermwood MTR 21 at Rind Routing
Thermwood MTR 21 at Rind Routing

Thermwood is a US based company with dealers and distributors worldwide.  In addition to machine manufacturing and software development, Thermwood has a technical service organization that provides support, machine installation, training, retrofits, custom programming and production assistance.  Please visit www.thermwood.com, call 1-800-533-6901 or email sales@thermwood.com for more information.

Thermwood 3 Axis Multi-Purpose CNC Routers

Posted by Duane Marrett on Wed, Nov 12, 2014

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The Thermwood Multi-Purpose Three Axis Series are highly flexible, making them ideal for a variety of manufacturing applications.

Whether you are interested in a moving table machine for low profile machining or a fixed table for large sheet material, plastic or composite sheets or upholstery frames, we have a solution for you:

Multi-Purpose 45

The Multi-Purpose 45 is a heavy-duty three axis CNC router available in either single or dual spindles with optional rotary axis

Thermwood Model 45 Dual Spindle 5x5 CNC Router

Model 45 Dual Spindle 5'x5' Single Table

Thermwood Model 45 5x10 CNC Router

Model 45 5'x10' Single Table

Multi-Purpose 43

The Multi-Purpose 43 is an entry-level three axis CNC router made from fully stress-relieved structured steel for nested-based custom cabinets, custom furniture and support products.

Thermwood Model 43 4x8 CNC Router

Model 43 4'x8' Single Table - Moving Gantry


Multi-Purpose 53

The Multi-Purpose 53 is a moving gantry, fixed table, (optional roller hold down) three-axis CNC router, and is designed for the routing and stack machining of large sheet material such as fiberboard (MDF), particleboard and plywood. When configured as an optional FrameBuilder with Roller Hold-Down, it has all the elements needed to machine nested upholstered frame parts from sheet stock.  

Thermwood Model 53 5x20 CNC Router

Model 53 5'x20' Fixed Table

Thermwood FrameBuilder 53 5x10 CNC Router

FrameBuilder 53 5'x10' Fixed Table


Multi-Purpose 63

The Multi-Purpose 63 is a large bed three-axis CNC router with moving bridge and stationary table. Primarily designed for two dimensional machining of large composite parts, and is also highly recommended for the machining of three dimensional patterns.

Thermwood Multipurpose Model 63 5'x40' CNC Router

Model 63 5'x40' Fixed Table


Multi-Purpose 42

The Multi-Purpose 42 is a moving single or dual table(s), fixed gantry, CNC router primarily designed to machine materials such as hardwoods, softwoods, fiberboard (MDF), particleboard, plastics and aluminum.


Thermwood Model 42 5x10 Dual Spindle CNC Router

Model 42 5'x10' Dual Spindle 

Thermwood Model 42 Single Table 10x5 CNC Router

Model 42 10'x5' Single Moving Table

Multi-Purpose MTR

The Multi-Purpose MTR Series are complete three axis CNC routing systems with single or dual in-line tables for nested base, composite or plastics.

Thermwood MTR 30 Dual Table 5x10 CNC Router

MTR 30 Dual Tables 5'x10' Moving Gantry

Thermwood MTR 21 7'x12' CNC Router

MTR 21 7'x12' Single Moving Gantry

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