Thermwood invites you to join us at IWF 2022 with 60% off Advanced Registration

Posted by Duane Marrett on Mon, Aug 08, 2022

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Thermwood invites you to join us at IWF 2022 with 60% off Advanced Registration

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 to Register for IWF with 60% off Advanced Registration courtesy of Thermwood, and plan to stop by our booth #B6213 to see our superior technology in action!

For IWF 2022, Thermwood Corporation, an innovator in the design and manufacture of American Made 3 and 5 Axis CNC Routers, is proud to demonstrate three systems. We’ll have our all new AutoProcessor 43 510, our powerful Cut Ready Cut Center and our heavy-duty Model 45 510 machining on site.

AutoProcessor 43

Thermwood AutoProcessor 43 will be at IWF 2022

The AutoProcessor 43 5'x10' is an all-new complete, nested-based, CNC routing system for machining cabinet boxes, custom furniture and basically any nested type of sheet product.

It is fully automatic from labeling and positioning of the sheets, to machining and off-loading the machined parts.

With each cycle, the machine simultaneously and automatically:

  1. Labels each part area on the sheet
  2. Moves and automatically positions the sheet on the table
  3. Machines the material while labeling the next sheet
  4. Simultaneously off-loads the finished parts and reloads the next sheet
  5. Continuously repeats the process

AutoProcessor 43


Cut Ready Cut CenterCut Ready Cut Center

Thermwood will also be demonstrating the award-winning Cut Ready Cut Center. This powerful system helps you quickly and easily create most products a cabinet shop would want to make without a CNC programmer (cabinets, furniture, doors, drawers, moldings, stair stringers and much more). Just tell it what you want to make via a simple touch-screen interface, and it makes it. Or, you can operate it as a traditional CNC router.  

Most people can operate it with little or no training or guidance. It is complete, fully contained with all the ancillary equipment smoothly integrated into a package that almost runs itself.  

Super Easy CNC - Make Cabinets, Closets, Doors and Much More!jody_video_thumbnail_easy_cnc_8_8_22If you build custom cabinets, and want to automate your really only have two choices. You can do it the easy way…or the hard way.

Designed and engineered in America, the Cut Ready Cut Center is made to simplify and automate your production.

It allows you to remain a cabinet shop, focused on making custom cabinets, instead of a software company, worried about learning difficult and expensive software. 

The Cut Center takes care of both the big and small details so you don't have to!

Making product on the Cut Center requires neither a CNC programmer nor a trained machine operator.   Pretty much anyone can run a Cut Center, and make anything a cabinet shop might need (cabinets, closets, doors, moldings, stair stringers, furniture...and much more)!

Cut Center Info Request

Model 45 

Thermwood Model 45 CNC Router

We will also be machining solid wood and aluminum and plywood sheet stock on the Model 45.  

The heavy-duty Model 45 is designed for a variety of functions, including the machining of rotary operations when equipped with our optional C-Axis.  This expands the capability of this already useful machine to include volutes, carvings, chair parts, stair components and much more.

Thermwood Model 45 Machining an aluminum sign 

Check us out in Booth #B6213

Thermwood machines just work!

We'll be demonstrating live on all three machines during the show, as well as operating an eCabinet Systems kiosk.  Our eCabinet Systems expert will be designing nested-based applications on the fly to send to be machined.  In addition to our Cut Center live demonstrations, we will also have two Cut Ready kiosks, where you can explore the software and see just how easy it is to design most things a cabinet shop would want to make. 

Please visit our booth (#B6213) and speak to a Thermwood representative to learn more about these powerful and affordable additions to any shop!

Thermwood offers educational discounts for CNC Router purchases

Posted by Duane Marrett on Tue, Jun 07, 2011

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Thermwood CNC Routers Educational Discount

Thermwood CNC Routers are used in high schools, community colleges, universities and technical training centers all around the world to help teach the technology and practical application of CNC Router programming and operation.

Thermwood QCore SuperControlNot only do students learn the basic technology but they also experience full scale, full production machining operations (assuring that they are well prepared for real-world applications).

Each machine is equipped with the powerful QCore SuperControl which gives students the most advanced automated production features available, insuring state-of-the-art training.

Thermwood also offers free copies of its eCabinet Systems software for classroom use as well as an individual copy for each student enrolled on an ongoing basis.


The Advanced Support Program assures that new features and technology are automatically added to Thermwood educational machines as they are released, pledging that students are always working with the most up-to-date technology available.

Thermwood QCore SuperControlThermwood machines and technology are ideal for training in today’s rapidly changing technical horizon.  Please visit our educational applications area for more information and examples of Thermwood CNC Routers used in education.

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