Thermwood at AWFS 2017 - From the floor!

Posted by Duane Marrett on Fri, Jul 21, 2017

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In the video below, Thermwood's own Brent East gives a tour of our booth #9200 during Day 2 of the AWFS Fair in Las Vegas, NV.  Featuring the award-winning Cut Ready Cut Center and the versatile Model 45 CNC router.  Take a look at what we are up to at the show!

See just how easy it is to use the Cut Center

Visit AWFS 2017 and try out the Award Winning Thermwood Cut Center

The Thermwood Cut Center will be in action during AWFS 2017.  You'll have the opportunity to see just how easy it is to run this new machine.  Just tell it what you want, and it makes is that easy! 

We'll be demonstrating live during the show, and you can be part of it by helping to operate the Cut Center.  Please visit our booth (#9200) and speak to a Thermwood representative to get your hands on this exciting machine! 

Solid Wood Machining on the Thermwood Model 45Thermwood CabinetShop 45

We will also be demonstrating solid wood, plastics and aluminum utilizing a pod system and a horizontal aggregate on our Thermwood Model 45. 

The heavy-duty Model 45 is designed for a variety of functions including the machining of rotary operations when equipped with our optional C-Axis.  This expands the capability of this already useful machine to include volutes, carvings, chair parts, stair components in addition to cabinets, solid wood, millwork, phenolic, display fixtures and much more.  This high-performance three axis CNC router is available in either single or dual spindles, multiple table sizes and many other options as well.

Thermwood Model 45 Videos (including machining HDPE plastic sheets):

Thermwood Model 45 Machining Plastic Sheet (HDPE) 

See at AWFS 2017:

Both of these machines will be on display and cutting live at AWFS 2017 (July 19th-22nd) in Booth #9200 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.  Make plans now to visit us and see this exciting new technology in person! 

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