Bednark Studio Offers PETG Face Shield Production CNC Files Free to Other Manufacturers - Click for More Information

Posted by Duane Marrett on Thu, Apr 02, 2020

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Bednark Studio

Thermwood machine owner, Bednark Studio (located in Brooklyn, New York), has engineered a disposable PETG Face Shield for health care professionals.  They are sharing CNC router files and production information to any other manufacturers across the country who would like to supply these to hospitals, etc. that are in need.

Bednark Studio Face Shield Example

Thermwood is here to assist anyone who would like to produce these face shields on their equipment (including non-Thermwood CNC routers).  If you need help, or would like to do something similar, please contact us at 1-800-533-6901 or email at

Download Face Shield Production Files

Please click here to download a .zip file with instructions, machine code files, tooling and material information.

Included in this download:

  • Bednark Studio Face Shield Production Document
  • MasksV3 - 27 per sheet nest.dxf
  • MasksV3 - 27 per sheet nest TABBED.MCX-7
  • MasksV3 - 27 per sheet nest TABBED.NC (tailored for Cut Centers)
  • MasksV3 - 32 per sheet nest.dxf

Material Required (supplies may be scarce):

  • PETG / Polycarbonate with 0.02” or 0.03” thickness in 4’x8’ sheets
  • 1” Plank Foam or Stacked Adhesive Weather-stripping
  • ¾” Flat Elastic Chord

Recommended Tooling:

  • Amana Tool 46225-K
  • 1/8” down spiral plastic tooling

Notes (from Bednark Studio):

  1. This thinner material is very difficult to hold down with vacuum.  We used tabbing to prevent the parts from moving.  Once most of the machining was done, the machine removed the tabs.  Please refer to ‘MasksV3 - 27 per sheet nest TABBED.MCX-7’ to see how we accomplished this. 
  2. The matching NC file is the program Bednark Studio is running on their Cut Center.

More Information

Bednark Face Shield Story from the New York Times


Thermwood remains open as an essential business, and is here to support you.

Posted by Duane Marrett on Mon, Mar 30, 2020

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Thermwood Corporation Headquarters
During these unprecedented times, we wanted to reach out and thank all of our customers, and to let you know that Thermwood has been classified as an essential business for our involvement in critical manufacturing, logistics and the defense industrial base.  

As such, we are operating as normally as possible to support our customers.  We are available to support and assist via phone, email and virtual service.


Free Live Demonstrations Available

For new machine purchases, our CNC Router and Additive Manufacturing experts can still evaluate your production needs and determine how you can best reduce costs and increase efficiency.  We offer free live demonstrations of our equipment and software to qualified companies.  These demonstrations can be done via Webex, Skype, as a time study, via dedicated hosted video and/or by completing your project and shipping it back to you for verification.

Watch a Thermwood 3 Axis High-Performance Heavy-Duty Model 45 Machine an Aluminum Pyramid

Thermwood Model 90
If you have any questions on how Thermwood can help improve your business, or if you need support, please give us a call at 1-800-533-6901 for sales (1-800-221-3865 for service) or click on the Request More Information link below. 

We are all in this together and Thermwood is committed to doing our best to rise to this new challenge and support all of our customers both existing and new.


About Thermwood Corporation

Thermwood Multipurpose Model 45

Thermwood is a US based, multinational, diversified CNC machinery manufacturer that markets its products and services through offices in 11 countries. Thermwood is the oldest manufacturer of highly flexible 3 & 5 axis high-speed machining centers known as CNC routers.

Thermwood has also become the technology and market leader in large scale additive manufacturing systems for thermoplastic composite molds, tooling, patterns and parts with its line of LSAM (Large Scale Additive Manufacturing) machines that both 3D print and trim on the same machine. These are some of the largest and most capable additive manufacturing systems ever produced and are marketed to major companies in the aerospace, marine, automotive and foundry industries as well as military, government and defense contractors.

Thermwood LSAM Series Machines

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