Latest Cut Ready Update adds the ability to pre-drill for slides, hinges and hinge plates.

Posted by Duane Marrett on Tue, Jun 08, 2021

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Pre-drill your cabinets for a wide variety of slides, hinges, and hinge plates!

We have all the popular hardware patterns within Cut Ready including Blum, Accuride, Grass, Hafele, and Salice. Not only does this speed up production, it also increases the accuracy and placement of the hardware itself. Simply select your preferences within the Settings menu, or change it on-the-fly when processing a job.

If you haven’t decided on hardware yet, you can turn the patterns off, or use Cut Ready’s Universal Patterns and get to cutting.

Hardware Options

Select your manufacturer and options...

Select your manufacturer and options...

Customize the pattern defaults on your slides and hinges...

Customize the pattern defaults on your slides and hinges...


What are the Differences Between a Cut Center and a CNC Router?

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Tour the Cut Ready Cut Center

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Design a Cabinet and Add it to the Job

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