Color Coded Labels

Posted by Duane Marrett on Thu, Feb 12, 2009

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Color Coded Labels are a new development from Thermwood Corporation to help increase your productivity.  Here is an excerpt:

A typical nested based job consists of perhaps hundreds of parts representing dozens of cabinets, all intertwined in a series of nests. The first task is to separate the parts into individual cabinets.

This is normally done by placing labels on each part. Each label has a text statement with the cabinet name. Simply read the name and sort the cabinets by those names.

While this sounds simple, it actually takes quite some time. You must read each label (even this is a problem if your worker can’t read or speak English). Then you must read the labels on the stacks of cabinets you are sorting to find the matching name. This reading takes time and cabinets have similar names so mistakes are pretty easy to make.

Thermwood’s new patent pending approach prints a color bar on each label with a different color for each cabinet. Put the red parts with the red parts and the green parts with the green parts. This simple idea allows you to sort cabinet two to three times faster. This offers a significant productivity improvement.

Color Coded Labels

 Color Coded Labels


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