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Posted by Duane Marrett on Tue, Jun 25, 2013

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Thermwood at AWFS 2013 in Las VegasAWFS 2013 (July 24th-27th)  promises to be an exciting time to visit Las Vegas.  This year, Thermwood is proud to demonstrate our affordable CabinetShop 43 CNC router equipped with the new optional Auto Labeling and Unload Rake System for nested based production as well as our Model 45 CNC router demonstrating solid wood machining. Both machines are equipped with smart-router technology that helps save labor and material, is easy to use and will make you a lot more money than ordinary routers.

Plus, we are offering a FREE 2 GB flash drive to anyone who signs up for a time to meet with our CNC Experts at the show (Booth #8400) to discuss how Thermwood can improve your production process.

Speed up Production Time with CabinetShop 43

This new option helps save time by automating the process of placing labels and off-loading finished material.  The automated system quickly places the labels and then machines the parts.  It next unloads the finished material to a sorting table.  This automatic and economical addition can greatly speed up production time, and is available both on new machines and as a retrofit. 

Solid Wood Machining on Thermwood Model 45

We will also be demonstrating solid wood machining utilizing the Nemi Pod Hi-Flow System on our Thermwood Model 45.  The heavy-duty Model 45 is designed for a variety of functions including the machining of rotary operations when equipped with our optional C-Axis.  This expands the capability of this already useful machine to include volutes, carvings, chair parts, stair components and much more.

FREE 2 GB Flash Drive

FREE Flash Drive from ThermwoodSign up below to schedule a time during the show to meet with one of our CNC Experts (Booth #8400).  They will evaluate your production needs to determine how you can best reduce costs and increase efficiency.   Plus, receive a FREE 2 GB Flash Drive during your meeting!




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