Smart-routers recover from broken tools without scrapping material

Posted by Duane Marrett on Wed, Jul 10, 2013

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Smart-routers easily recover from a broken toolSmart-routers give you more

Just like a smart phone does more than make phone calls, a “smart-router” does more than route parts. The “more” in a smart-router saves material and labor and makes it really easy to use. A smart-router does cost more but is substantially more profitable, making it a much better overall investment.


Easily recover from a broken tool

One great feature of a smart-router is the ability to recover from a broken tool without scrapping the sheet you are cutting or restarting the job. This can save a lot of time, effort and money.

How it works

If a tool breaks, press the Pause button to stop the machine.  Then select the Replace Tool option on the control, and the smart-router drops off the tool holder and notifies you to replace the tool. The machine then picks up the new tool, automatically measures it, adjusts the program for the new tool length, recuts the path of the broken tool and continues with the job.

Thermwood at AWFS 2013

Thermwood will be demonstrating many of the features of smart-router technology and nested based manufacturing at the 2013 AWFS show on July 24th-27th (Booth #8400).  Plan to stop by and check it out, or click the button below to request a personal consultation on how we can help improve your production process.

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