Latest Cut Ready Update Includes New Adjust Settings Layout, Updated Labeling Options and More

Posted by Duane Marrett on Fri, Jun 05, 2020

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This update contains the following:

  • New Adjust Settings Layout
  • Additional Labeling Options
  • Door & Drawer Front Matching fix
  • Shaker Door Fixes

New Adjust Settings Layout

In this update, we have reorganized the Adjust Settings layout.  For example, all mobile accounts have been grouped into one area and a new Hardware Options section has been added.  We have also grouped Cutting and Air Assist options under the Operations button, while also adding a new user request option for Labeling.

Cut Ready Adjust Settings Screen

Labeling Options

Now (within the Operations area), you will see some new labeling options that were requested by several users.  These allow you to print labels for All Parts, Off-Fall Only or choose to not print any labels at all.

Cut Ready Operations Screen


We have also addressed a few issues:

  • An issue finding a Drawer Front match for MDF Slab Doors was discovered and fixed.
  • We have modified the cutting operation for a handful of Shaker Doors where a small amount of material was left in the corners.

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