Thermwood smart-router technology is...

Posted by Duane Marrett on Wed, Jun 24, 2015

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Just like a smart phone does more than make phone calls, a “smart-router” does much more than route parts. The “more” in a smart-router saves material and labor and makes it really easy to use. A smart-router does cost more but is substantially more profitable, making it a much better overall investment.

Thermwood smart-routers process part programs two ways:

  1. The traditional way by using CNC program output from virtually any design software. Thermwood smart-routers can even run existing programs written for other brand machines (even if those programs contain codes specific to that machine). This means, with a Thermwood smart-router, you can use software configured for almost any machine and you can run programs you already have without reprogramming. Thermwood smart-routers are pretty much compatible with anything.
  1. Instead of using traditional CNC programs developed with software and a PC, Thermwood smart-routers can also use part information directly, and create the actual cutting programs within the machine itself. Major software vendors offer database output to Thermwood smart-routers, and any software that can output DXF files will work with Thermwood smart-routers. You send the design to a Thermwood smart-router and it, rather than you, worries about how to make the parts. This offers significant advantages.

Thermwood smart-routers technology is...

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