Latest Cut Center Update Adds Cut Ready Publisher and Other Features

Posted by Duane Marrett on Wed, Feb 01, 2017

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Latest Update Summary

UPDATE_PIC.jpgWe are constantly adding new features and abilities to the Award-Winning Cut Ready Cut Center.  Our latest update adds a powerful tool to the Cut Center - the integration of the Cut Ready Publisher.

What is the Cut Ready Publisher?

The Cut Ready Publisher gives eCabinet Systems users a seamless way to integrate their own designs into Cut Ready! 

  • Simply open the Publisher from within eCabinets, Drag and drop the designs you want to transfer to the Cut Center, and press the Publish button.
  • Your designs will appear in the Cut Center under "My Content".  You will now be able to resize and cut your design just like any other Cut Ready Item.

Please visit the eCabinet Systems website to download the Publisher and eCabinet Systems update.

Watch the video below to see how easy the Cut Ready Publisher process is:

Other Updated Features:

  • Standard Frameless Base Cabinets can now be resized in height, while maintaining proper Drawer Front Heights
  • Standard Frameless Tall Cabinets can now be resized in height, while maintaining proper Drawer Front Heights
  • Removed Merge Material Pages for simplicity
  • Limited, eventual removal of Tool Verify Screen when returning from CNC Access
  •  Integrated a new Stair Stringer Interface

New Stair Stinger Interface:

New Cut Center Stair Stringer Interface

About the Cut Center

Thermwood Cut Center Nesting Drawer Boxes

The Thermwood Cut Ready Cut Center is an exciting alternative to traditional CNC routers for making a wide variety of products including cabinets, closets, furniture, doors, drawers and much more.  Just tell the machine what you what to make and it does is that simple!  NO programming is required. 

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