Thermwood Optional High Tolerance Tool Length Sensor (video)

Posted by Duane Marrett on Mon, Jul 01, 2024

Tags: Announcements, Options, Tool Length Sensor

Thermwood High Tolerance Tool Length Sensor

🤔 Ever wondered what that optional High Tolerance Tool Length Sensor on a Thermwood CNC router does?
🌐This nifty tool (spotted here on a Cabinetshop 43 512-10), can automatically measure both the length and diameter of your tools, and update the control system with the precise offset numbers.
🌐No more fussing over exact placements! It automatically compensates for the new tool length/diameter, eliminating the need to precisely locate the cutter bit. It provides a highly accurate method of adjusting tool length/diameter for pocketing or profile edges.
Ask our CNC experts about this option to help improve your production process!