Meet the Thermwood Model 90 High-Performance 5 Axis CNC Router

Posted by Duane Marrett on Thu, Apr 20, 2017

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Thermwood Model 90 5'x12' 5 Axis CNC Router

Model 90 5'x12' DualTable

The Thermwood Multi-Purpose 90 is a heavy-duty five-axis CNC designed for high-speed trimming and pattern machining, available in single or dual moving aluminum tables.  

This powerful and versatile machine is capable of full five axis simultaneous motions with extremely fast accelerations, and is 3D laser-calibrated to assure the most accurate absolute positioning and repeatability.

Multi-Purpose 90 Available Features:

  1. 12HP HSD Tool Change Spindle (3,000-24,000 RPM larger spindle sizes available)

  2. Single Aluminum Table Sizes available 5'x'5, 5'x'10' and 10'x5'

  1. Dual Aluminum Table Sizes Availalbe 5'x'5, 5'x'10 and 5'x12'
  1. Rapid Speed 3500 IPM
  1. Continuous C-Axis Rotation
  1. Impact Resistant Head 
  1. Moving Aluminum Table
  1. Fixed Gantry
  1. 24" Z Standard (available up to 60")
  1. Full 5 Axis Simultaneous Motion

Thermwood Model 90 Gantry

Thermwood Model 90 Spindle

Multi-Purpose 90 Available Features (continued):

  1. Siemens Intelligent Servo Drives Throughout
  2. 3D Laser Compensated Axis Alignment
  3. Thermwood QCore SuperControl
  4. Tool Center Point Programming (TCP)
  5. 5 Axis Chip Collection
  6. 10 Position Rotary Tool Changer
  7. Enclosure 
  8. Gantry Lighting 
  9. Automatic Axis Alignment Verification
  10. Rack-driven

Thermwood Model 90 Gantry and Spindle

Multi-Purpose 90 Available Features (continued):

  1. Siemens Intelligent Servo Drives Throughout
  2. Three rail system on gantry for greater stability and support

  3. Dual pneumatic counter-balance cylinders

  4. Internal bracing inside gantry for greater stability and support

  5. Fully air-conditioned control cabinet

  6. Multi-Function Gridded Pod Table 

  7. In the Leg Tool Changer

  8. Bar Style Tool Changer

  9. Automatic Tool Length Sensor 

  10. Machine Training and Installation

  11. Free Lifetime Phone/Forum Support  

Thermwood Model 90 Automatic Tool Length Sensor

Model 90 Automatic Tool Length Sensor

Thermwood Advanced Technical Features

  • Volumetric 3D Laser Compensation - this compensates for position errors within the three dimensional working envelope of the machine.
  • Fixture Placement Compensation - Allows the user to mechanically locate three points on a fixture during intial program set up which are used as a reference for the QCore SuperControl to automatically align the program to the new fixture location. 
  • Continuous C-Axis Rotation - allows the machine to perform complex motions that require multiple rotations of the C-Axis, and then quickly return to home. Simplifies operations and eliminates the possibility of damaged wire within movable joints (maintenance-free metal contacts provide log life with error-free data communication transmission).
  • Constant Tip Speed Machining - Automatically varies the machine feed speed to allow the tip of the tool to maintain a constant speed.  This feature synchronizes the linear and rotary movements ensuring a constant and smooth cutting motion.
  • Tip Center Rotation - Allows for maintaining tool tip positioning when commanding a rotary axis to move in coordination with two or more linear axes.
  • Impact Resistant Head - A positive locating joint between the axis 5 arm and the rest of the machine.  Decreases the amount of force applied to the head in the event of a collision and diminishes the need to realignment.  Also reduces fixture and spindle damage.
  • Remote Diagnostics - provides direct, live, visual contact from the machine control to Thermwood's Service department with the touch of a button.  Thermwood technicians can diagnose, troubleshoot and configure the control remotely.
  • Advanced Communications - Communication features available between the operator and the Thermwood QCore SuperControl allow the operator to electronically search programming and maintenance manuals, view maintence videos, error reporting, maintenance tracking and dynamic exploded assembly drawings.
  • Single Source Service - thermwood factory service for both the CNC Control System and the CNC Machine.  One phone number to call.
  • Control Upgrades - On-going control upgrades.  The evolution and latest features of our control system are available at

    Thermwood Model 90 Single Table 5'x12'

Model 90 Single Table 5'x12'

More Info

 Request More Information from Thermwood


Thermwood Profile Modeler - from Sketch to Production

Posted by Duane Marrett on Wed, Mar 13, 2013

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Thermwood Profile ModelerThermwood's Profile Modeler allows you to quickly create a molding or custom shape from a sketch or drawing on a Thermwood CNC Router with no special shaped tooling required.  

This video demonstrates using Profile Modeler to create a custom curved cherry molding from Sketch - to Profile Modeler - to Machine - to Completed Shape.

Steps used in the video:

In eCabinet Systems:
  • Verify the measurements
  • Create the shape using Shape Manager in eCabinet Systems
  • Create Tool
  • Apply Tool to create Shape

On Thermwood QCore SuperControl:
  • File loaded into Profile Modeler on QCore SuperControl
  • Verify Tool Path
  • Run Program
  • Machining Part (Roughing/Finishing/Detail Passes)
  • No special shaped tooling required - Tools Used: 1/2 Straight, 1/2 Ballnose, 1/8 Ballnose, 1/8 Flat
  • Completed Shape

For more information on Profile Modeler or any of our other products, please click here or contact us at 1-800-533-6901.

Thermwood Model 77 5 Axis CNC Machining Center

Posted by Duane Marrett on Fri, Oct 26, 2012

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The Thermwood Model 77 5x10 (larger sizes are available) is a heavy duty five-axis CNC router specifically developed for three dimensional machining. This stationary table high wall machine was designed using advanced 3D software utilizing Finite Element Analysis. All major welds including the base and gantry are stress relieved to provide long term stability. This machine is inspected and calibrated utilizing a precision volumetric laser system.   


• 12 HP (3,000-24,000 RPM) Spindle
• Impact Resistant 5 Axis Head
• 10 Position Rotary Tool Change System
• Rapid Speed: 3500 inches per minute
• Moving Gantry
QCore SuperControl
• Siemens Intelligent Servo Drives Throughout
• Volumetric 3D Laser Compensated Axis Alignment
• Automatic Tool Length Sensor
• Machine Training and Installation
• Free Lifetime Phone/Forum Support

More information can be found here



Thermwood Model 77 5 Axis CNC Machining Center



New Opportunities for the Sign Industry

Posted by Duane Marrett on Wed, May 04, 2011

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ISA 2011 – What we learned

International Sign Expo 2011We just returned from the International Sign Expo in Las Vegas, and had a great time.  It was enjoyable meeting new people in this expanding industry.  We got a lot of interesting feedback from companies in the industry about their need to constantly evolve and expand what they offer to meet the growing needs of their customers.

From vehicle wraps to window graphics and three dimensional signs, today’s sign professionals have to be able to offer at least as much, and usually a whole lot more than their competitors to survive and thrive.  They have to be able to think outside the box to grab any piece of business that comes their way, and traditional sign trimming machines only meet some of these needs.

We have learned that these traditional machines are comparatively light-duty when it comes to any type of heavier material or non-traditional application.  Or, if they can machine the necessary material, it is oftentimes very unproductive (requiring multiple passes and valuable time). This can cause you to miss out on jobs that your equipment simply can’t do.

What now?

Thermwood helps keep your business from being obsolete.You’ve seen this in other industries.  There reaches a point when everybody’s product basically does the job.  Some do it better than others, but they all get the job done.  After that, the market is saturated with copy-cats until someone comes up with a new innovation or way to use the technology in a different way.  Just like cell phones gave way to smart phones and laptops are slowly going away in favor of tablets, there is a new solution to the problems facing the sign industry. 

A different approach

Using a heavy-duty sign machine like the Thermwood SignRouter 43 offers the ability to cut and trim printed graphic signs on rigid substrates as well as machining and carving three dimensional signs and letters (all much faster than traditional machines). In addition to those features, it can also operate as a high-production CNC Router, giving owners the advantage of being able to offer a whole additional variety of products to their customers. 

Thermwood SignRouter 43 CNC RouterThe SignRouter43 is capable of machining flat and three-dimensional signs using wood, aluminum, composites, chip core, rigid foam, plastics, acrylic, non-ferrous metals and other various types of materials as well as operating as a traditional sign-making machine using optional i-cut Vision camera and software (these highly capable systems accurately trim printed signs, automatically compensating for distortion or rotation in the printed image).

At the show, we demonstrated the SignRouter 43 with a 5’×10 fixed table, featuring a 12 HP HSD spindle and an eleven position automatic tool changer. It features both high acceleration and high performance motions in both positioning and cutting. This system includes quality features seldom, if ever, found at this price point including full stress relieved weldments, high-end Siemens drives throughout, THK rails and three-dimensional volumetric position compensation.  In addition to the 5’×10 table, we also offer a larger variety of table sizes (dual or moving tables/vacuum hold-down methods available). 

Thinking outside the box

Think outside the box with a Thermwood CNC RouterA unique aspect of our technology is the ability to do a lot more than just signs.

Thermwood’s SignRouter43 with “QuickCut” technology also offers a revolutionary new approach for nested based applications. Just select and resize cabinets, closet components and POP displays, then make them…right at the machine. You don’t need design software. You don’t need extensive training or a painful learning curve. Pretty much anyone in your shop can make cabinets and closets with a few minutes instruction.  It’s not much more difficult than running a copy machine. 

This can allow you to greatly expand your product offering with the same machine you use to produce your traditional signs!

Thermwood and Supply Partners Donate to Habitat For Humanity

Posted by Duane Marrett on Thu, Sep 09, 2010

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At the recent IWF show in Atlanta, Thermwood partnered with Hafele, Columbia Forest Products and Conestoga to build complete cabinets for Habitat for Humanity.   

Thermwood demonstrated a working production cell consisting of the CabinetShop 43 CNC Router (for nested based applications) and a Fravol S2 ECO edgebander.  Attendees were able to get hands on experience using the easiest and simplest system in the industry.  Within a few seconds they selected a product to cut, modified the size and watched the machine cut their parts.  Attendees then took the parts to the edgebander to complete the process.

Complete cabinets were produced at the show from the ¾” thick, pre-finished maple plywood provided by Columbia Forest Products.  This Pure Bond plywood is sealed with AquaSEAL (a formaldehyde-free recyclable overlay conforming to the latest in green technology).




pure bond logo




Hafele provided the hinges, slides and shelf hardware for the cabinets, and Conestoga Doors providedfinished five-piece doors and solid wood drawer fronts. 






Cabinet joinery was Thermwood’s new revolutionary Barb Dado joint (patent pending), which allowed the cabinets to be put together without the use of clamps or other holding methods.  The Barb Dado joint is a modified versionof the Blind Dado joint in which we machine a series of barbs in the mortise slot. When you press the parts together, the barbs bend down, bending the fibers in the wood downward firmly holding the pieces together. It is a lot harder to pull it apart than to put it together. This means you can assemble cabinets without screws, clamps or any other fasteners.

Thermwood Barb Dado

The result were beautiful, complete cabinets produced quickly, utilizing an innovative new, highly efficient manufacturing approach which results in a superior structure coupled with enhanced use of materials, all at a dramatically lower price. All cabinets produced at the IWF were donated to Habitat for Humanity.

Thermwood Streaming Live from IWF in Atlanta

Posted by Duane Marrett on Wed, Aug 25, 2010

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We are streaming live from IWF, starting today 8/25/10. See the show without leaving your office!

Visit the Thermwood Booth from your computer at:


Thermwood Streaming Live from IWF 2010

Featuring the New Barb Dado Joint:

We have a CabinetShop 43 production cell at our Booth # 5153 demonstrating the new Barb Dado Joint. This is a new development at Thermwood that we have applied for patent protection on. The joint is a modified version of the Blind Dado joint in which we machine a series of barbs in the mortise slot. When you press the parts together, the barbs bend down, bending the fibers in the wood downward firmly holding the pieces together. It is a lot harder to pull it apart than to put it together. This means you can assemble cabinets without screws, clamps or any other fasteners.

Thermwood Barb Dado Tool

This simple idea is pretty revolutionary. We have a video from another project which shows how a cabinet is assembled using the barb dado joint. You can find it at:

Thermwood Impact-Resistant Head and Continuous C-Axis Rotation Video Demonstrations

Posted by Duane Marrett on Mon, Mar 29, 2010

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Impact Resistant Head - A positive locating joint between the axis 5 arm and the rest of the machine.  Decreases the amount of force applied to the head in the event of a collision, diminishes the need for realignment and reduces fixture and spindle damage.

Thermwood Continuous C-Axis Rotation with Impact Resistant Head on Model 67 - Video Demonstration

For the first time offered together, the Thermwood Continuous C-Axis Rotation and Impact Resistant Head. The Continuous C-Axis allows the machine to perform complex motions that require multiple rotations of the C-Axis, and then quickly return to home. With the Impact Resistant Head, the machine stays in tram even after a crash of the head.

Classic Dash Uses CNC Router for ABS Composite Dash Panels

Posted by Jason Susnjara on Wed, Jan 27, 2010

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Carson City, NV: Classic Dash has announced a new molded ABS composite dash panel in three finishes for GM G-body cars, rear-wheel drive iterations that were produced from late '78 until early 1988. These cars include the Buick Regal/Grand National/GNX, Chevrolet Monte Carlo, El Camino, Malibu, GMC Caballero, Oldsmobile Cutlass, Pontiac Gran Prix and Grand Le Mans and Bonneville.


In keeping with all the company's previous offerings, the G-Body panel is clean and stylish. Lightweight and exceedingly rigid ABS plastic sheets are vacuum-formed at 320 degrees Fahrenheit and the material is impregnated with a UV inhibiter that protects it from sun damage. Accuracy is the key. A Thermwood 5-axis CNC high-speed router consistently trims the dash panels to within 0.005-inch.

The Classic Dash panel is available in carbon fiber, brushed aluminum, or black finishes. All panels are offered in two forms: with or without gauge openings, and with or without gauges. Gauge selection includes several variations from Auto Meter and Classic Instruments. Auto Meter kits include wiring harness from gauges to factory loom, LED turn signal indicators, and high-beam and emergency brake light indicators.

Classic Dash was formed in 2002 and was the first company to create replacement ABS composite dash panels for vehicles of the muscle car era. Their new, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is located in Carson City, Nevada. Its website has a new make-over with easy navigation and access to ordering. Staff members can easily answer any technical questions you may have and same-day shipping is available on orders received before 3PM, PST. Classic Dash instrument panels complete with gauges are priced from $849.95

For further information contact:

Classic Dash, 5225 Grumman Drive, Suite 100,

Carson City, NV 89706

Telephone (866) 882-3525

eCabinet Systems version 6.0 Build 1 is now available

Posted by Jason Susnjara on Mon, Jan 11, 2010

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eCabinet Systems version 6.0 Build 1 is now available. This latest version of eCabinet Systems is available as a download only. No disc is required. It is a full install. It will either update your existing version of eCabinet Systems or complete a full install.

To obtain this version, click on the link below. Save this file to your computer then double click it to run.

Full Installation/Upgrade:
(113 Mb)

NOTE: Fresh installations (not upgrades) do NOT include pull, wood product, or lazy susan store entries. So to have access to these 3D objects you must download and install them from the following links. If this installer is used on a pc that already contains eCabinet Systems then the 3D files are already on your pc and these downloads are not needed.


Wood Products:

Lazy Susan:

Features available in version 6.0 Build 1:

- Full install downloadable. No disk is required.

- Vista & Windows 7 compatible

- Windows 64 bit compatible

- Ability to save Cabinets and Assemblies in a location other than that specified by the installation.

- Improved cabinet construction and Part Editor operation recognition. Problems in previous versions where Part Editor cuts can not hit a construction operation should not exist any longer.

- Ability to add hardware components. This means that the old Members Store is completely removed. The only items that are kept from the old store are those with 3d objects. These components are pulls, wood components, lazy susan & moldings. (To obtain these components on a fresh installation you will need to download them with the links provided above. NOTE: Moldings are already included in the install.) An additional field has been added for Distributors. If you load a job, cabinet or assembly that has a component from the old store you will be asked to add or alter this component with a New Hardware dialog. NOTE: Moldings can not be added or manipulated in this version.

- Item Window for quick access to cabinets,assemblies,doors,drawers,display items for the Room and Cabinet Editor. This supports dual screen systems as well.

- Drawer Box parts can be modified in the Part Editor and Constraint Manager

- Stretchers from the Stretcher Editor can be modified in the Part Editor and Constraint Manager

- A new buy list is available in the Item Window. There is one for the entire job and one for a single cabinet. This buy list can be exported for a means to create a purchase order.

- Export/Import in CSV format for hardware items. This offers a quick means for altering pricing on all your components in Excel.

- CNC Output immediately creates twd for current job. The batching jobs CNC Output is now only available when there are no items in the room or batch area.

- Ability to Nest the items in the Cabinet Editor by clicking Nested Output when in Cabinet Editor

If downloading the install is not an option, an install cd may be purchased online HERE

The fee for the installation cd will be $30.00 (Shipping Not Included)

Thermwood CabinetShop 43 Performance Videos

Posted by Duane Marrett on Fri, Sep 11, 2009

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We've created a couple of videos demonstrating the superior performance of the CabinetShop 43 in a variety of applications.  The first is the Carving of an inset carving, and the second is Cabinet Cutting.


About the CabinetShop 43:  The CabinetShop 43 offers premium performance not normally seen at this price point. For example, it has positioning speeds to 3,180 inches per minute and programmed cutting speeds to 2,250 Inches per minute. The actual speed at which you can cut is determined more by tooling and material than by the machine, but its speed is indicative of the overall solid CNC performance of the CabinetShop 43.